Ben Blacker is the producer and moderator of the Nerdist Writers Panel, an informal chat about writing, TV, and the process and business of writing TV. A professional television writer himself, with his writing partner, Blacker has written for CW’s Supernatural and Nickelodeon’s Supah Ninjas. They’ve also developed original pilots for Fox, USA (twice), Spike, Paramount, Nickelodeon, and other entities. They are the creators and writers of the Thrilling Adventure Hour, a staged show in the style of old time radio which is also a podcast on the Nerdist network.


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  1. Hi Ben –

    I have been really enjoying the Nerdist Writer’s Podcast. I think you are really great at interviews and like that you explore breaking-in to the business with each of your guests as it has been encouraging to hear each unique story. I always feel like you manage the talent well and keep them on topic.

    There were two aspects of the business that are rarely heard on your show that I was wondering if you plan to explore them more.

    First would be the production of a 12 or 24 episode season’s effect on writing in relation to actors, sets, and special locations. Where does this figure into planning the arc, theme, and ultimate conflict? Which discussion about budget or creativity (writer’s room) happens first?

    Second would be the rotation of actors in a season or series of episodes, for example Mad Men has one main actor but several side actors who seem to get focused upon in individual episodes throughout the year and how that plays into breaking an episode.

    Also, I had read once about being forced to make ship in the bottle episodes for shows like Star Trek where the writers were told to stay with limited sets because of budget. There have been some very good episodes like this but really relied on the actors ability.

    Well, those are my questions.


  2. I’m really enjoying listening to the podcast. I went back and listened to the earlier crossover episodes with your latest guest, Adam Rogers. He mentioned a Battlestar podcast where they recorded breaking the story in the writers room which I thought would be great to listen to. Can’t find it anywhere online so if you know where I could find it I’d love to know. Either way, great work on the podcast. Very entertaining and informative. Thanks Ben.

  3. Hey Ben: What a fantastic evening/podcast you produced last night. I was there with Richard Sherman (of the Sherman Brothers), and Ja’net Dubois (“Good Times,” etc.). I’m a 39 year Disney veteran in the area of publicity and marketing. Would love to have you out to lunch here at the Studio sometime. Ja’net was inquiring if anyone took photos of her on stage last night or, even better, if she could ask Steve Levitan for the video he shot of her singing “Movin’ on Up.” Any thoughts? Congratulations on a truly memorable evening, skillfully moderated. Best, Howard Green

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